Brachycephalic syndrom  (BAS - brachycephalic airways syndrome) is a disease affecting all cats and dogs with short muzzle or such breeds as English bulldog, French bulldog, pug, shih-tzu, Boston Terrier or a Persian cat. At the basis of the disease is a specific selection of individuals in the process of creating the breed, which favored associating animals with shortened craniofacial to achieve the impression of a flat, Reminding, human face. Unfortunatelly shortening the muzzle is also accompanied by the folding in wrong evolution of soft tissue which may in some individuals cause problems the respiratory system. For group of brachycephalic breeds consists of several basic changes that may occur in groups or quite independently. These are:

- Hypertrophy of the soft palate

- Stenosis of external nostrils

- Evert pockets laryngeal

- Collapse of the larynx

- Tracheal hipoplasia or dysplasia

Symptoms of the disease depending on which anatomical defects occur in the same individual are very different and intensify in the spring and summer which is caused by high temperatures. Most often they manifest themselves in the form of:

- Intolerance respiratory

- Cyanosis of the mucous membranes

- Fainting during exercise

- Vomiting with excitement

- Strong voice while the breath

- Caugh when taking food or drinking water

- Very strong abdominal pressure when breathing

- Obstructed breathing through the nose

- Apnea during sleep

- Sometimes only the appearance of unpleasant odors from the oral cavity

Proceedings at the upturned diagnosis is primarily surgical decompression. It is the best and most effective method, already bringing relief immediately after surgery. Any other activities are aimed only shorttime eliminating symptoms.