BULL VET Veterinary Clinic

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   Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw SGGW graduated in 2003. After graduation I started practice in one of the bigest clinic in Szczecin. Then the so-called "life" directed me to the Veterinary Inspection. In the meantime I opened my own practice, and for a long time i was known under the name CALL VET Veterinary Practice. On a wider scale I started cooperation with breeders of dogs and cats, firmly by setting in his work on artificial insemination, breeding animals, early diagnostics of pregnancy and labor and delivery assistance and counseling breeding.
   In 2010, I received a post-graduate degree title of specialist epizootiology and veterinary administration.
   In the course of their careers also I hired a lot of experience in the diagnosis of pathological from which many breeders use and experience the culture allowed me to specialize largely in  brachycephalic breeds which the name of the clinic came from.
In my clinic I offer:
- prophylaxis
- clinical diagnostics
- ultrasound diagnostics including pregnancy diagnosis
- biochemical research
- treatment of dermatological diseases, internal medicine, infectious diseases
- help labor and delivery
- surgery
- insemination of dogs
- conducting pregnancy
- dental treatments
- nutrition consulting
- and many others


Monika Muś-Jurczyk vmd

BULL VET Veterinary Clinic
ul. Sikorskiego 6/2
70-323 Szczecin