Cherry eye
Cherry eye

    CHERRY EYE is a common name of the eye disease frequently occurs in all Molossians, especially in the brachycephalic type (short nose).

The proper name of this disease sounds:

hypertrophy and prolapse of the lacrimal gland.

   Third eyelid lacrimal gland is one of the organs responsible for the production of so-called tear film and produces up to 40% of tears forming part of the tear film protection sensitive to drying out and damaging the cornea from exposure to environmental factors such as: dust, gases and solid particles.
   This organ is located in the inner corner of the eye, at the bottom of the third eyelid. In breeds predisposed such as Boxer, English Bulldog, French Bulldog it comes to the overgrowth and loose ligaments sustained it in the right position, and in times of exertion or non physiological contraction of the gland extends from the eyes projecting an internal angle of the eye in the form of "cherries". Hence common name of the disease. Falling gland may be accompanied by its strong inflammation, which results in additional severe swelling and redness, and the gland becomes the cherry color and begins to overproduction of tears.

Often, however, not accompanied by any inflammation, and falling occur rarely. So what we should do about it???

    First of all, gently, as soon as possible to drain the gland in place (it should  be done by the specialist who knows how to do it, therefore, it is not recommended to do it by Yourself).

   However, if similar incidents occurred will often perform specialized ophthalmic surgery involving fixation gland in the third eyelid pocket. Under no circumstances the gland should be removed , as it can lead to dry eye symptoms in your pet, and we will have to make in the tear film supplementation (remember that this gland performs its important role).

   Surgery to remove the gland is carried out in exceptional cases where it is known that there is no possibility to restore its function. I know from experience that it is very rare, and all treatments that I have performed havd achived the desired effect.