Senior - Madera
Senior - Madera

We are so happy to welcome You on our kennel's website!!!!

Bulldogs were always my biggest dream. I remember as a little girle I used to visit Dog's Shows very often because of my parents who were daschhund breeders. But at those time english bulldog was for me just fascinating  exception of splendid, atletic body with unusualy warm superficiality.

This is the reason why I started to realize my child-dreams step by step. First of all I chose Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Warsaw because I decided to become Veterinarian. All of us can love this breed adore it and give our dogs whatever they want, but the most important thing in life is HEALTH .

My first english bulldog was female called MADERA. She was the reason of my fascination and she let me find out this breed, to fall in love with it again ... another way, this time consciously.

If I had to describe this breed today, I  should do this like that:'s more than 26 kg pure love, crazy emotions and sophisticated sences, dressed only in skin folds, complited by the small tail and marvelous, honest eyes which  are able to say everything....

In my breeding I falow few simple rules of which the most important is health. Our future puppies must be strong, healthy, active, with rich character, warm, family personality and in addition  100 % compatible with standard. So HEALTH is a priority!

Therefore I invite You to visit my kennel's website and to experience my greatest love......ENGLISH BULLDOG. 

Monika Muś-Jurczyk

Dog breeding is a passion, whole life and immortal love.......never business! When animals become a buisness, we are loosing our humanity....

English bulldog is very demanding breed - only for those of us who remained " THE HUMAN"

Me with my dogs
Me with my dogs