At this picture You can see properly built dog's heart. Keep in mind that the heart is the primary organ of embossing blood to the systemic circulation (peripheral) and small (pulmonary), so any disruption of work will result in abnormal blood supply to organs, and thus a lack of oxygen and nutrients for their function.







The most common problems in English bulldog are:

- Subaortic stenosis (SAS) is a congenital anomaly

- Valvular pulmonary stenosis (PS) is a congenital anomaly

- Septal defect (VSD) is a congenital anomaly

- Dysplasia congenital mitral is a congenital anomaly

- Dilated cardiomyopathy is a acquired anomaly


The term congenital means that the animal is born with the problem and the possibility of full diagnostics (such as VSDs) or with a predisposition to the occurrence of the disease but do not yet have, therefore, is not possible to early diagnose. The disease develops only with the growth of the body and appears usually when they reach sexual maturity is from 6 months of age (eg, pulmonary artery stenosis). These diseases may, but need not be genetic but it is certain that were predisposed to carry the likelihood of their occurrence in the offspring derived from sick parents.


Symptoms of heart disease can occur in all ages, and often it is difficult to establish the diagnosis without specialized diagnostic tests such Doppler examination. However, the owner should arouse concern the following symptoms:

- Coughing or wheezing after exercise, at night or in the morning

- High fatigue while playing or walking (exercise intolerance)

- Excessive panting after exercise (note that bulldogs wheeze even without heart defects)

- Cyanosis within the visible mucous membranes (eg language)

- Cases of syncope during play or exercise

- Slowly growth and delayed development in puppies (visibly different from the rest of the litter)


Keep in mind that You do not put a diagnosis only on the basis of the above symptoms  and only after careful research and additional imaging methods.

Complete exclusion of birth defects in animals that have reached physical maturity (ie above 1.5 years) provides, with high probability, at full health. Because of this, bitch that in my kennel have breeding status, while certified cardiac issued by an authorized physician who specializes in cardiology. I use the services of great, polish specialists dr. DVM. drug. Vet. Magdalena Garncarz or Rafał Niziołek and Ziuta's or Dolores's cardiac certificats can be seen in the section:

"Our females"


Early diagnosis gives You possibility to  slow  down the progression of symptoms, and We can only breed dogs with perfect health status. I encourage You to preventic research :-)