This incredible skin folds make English bulldog unusual creature, giving the characteristic "offended expression." The folds are located on the facial part, neck, legs and the tail. So it looks like an English bulldog wearing a little too big suit. Unfortunately, this is also the place where ventilation is difficult, and in combination with moisture and temperature create ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms.

In these organisms usually have to deal with Malassezia pachydermatis commonly referred to as the "red fungus". This name comes from the characteristic red-brown color of the skin covered by the disease process. The growth of this yeast comes always in favorable conditions:

- Difficult to dry out wet areas (folds, interdigital spaces or suborbital pits)

- Temperature of the skin above 26 degrees Celsius (at least the temperature usually prevails on the dog's skin).

In areas affected by the disease hair is glued  brownish red crusts, and the skin is moist and red. With the further development of the process there is a loss of hair in these areas and the formation of hardhealing  sores, accompanied by characteristic "sweet" smell.

      For this reason, it is necessary to systematically care, cleaning and drying of predisposed areas, and any suspicious symptoms consulted at an early stage to prevent the full development of the disease.

      I often get phone calls asking for product called  "Angel Eyes", which is not available on the European market, and sometimes imported from the USA by the breeders and owners of breeds predisposed to hair discoloration. It is a product supplementation for chronic use, and the reason for its withdrawal from the European market was  antibiotic tylosin  in it, which is a medical product and should not be freely available for use without consulting a doctor, much less a long-term usage.

Well, decision belongs to You, but I do not recommend!!