The parable of the dog

Dolores an angel - heart
Dolores an angel - heart

"One day God walked in the Garden of Eden admiring the work of His creation. Suddenly The Devil jumped out from behind a bush and so he says:
- I' ve heard that You created a man... ???
- Yes! It's that I did. This creature lives on Earth, may have a partner and children, knows how to create a family. For now, learn to make fire and build a place to stay, but for thousands of years will be the ruler of the entire Globe.
- So what? - The Devil snorted - even for those thousands of years and the man will be lonely.
God frowned, scratched in a long, white beard and said:
- So I'll make a friend for him! I'll choose one of the animals that make their companion that guarded him and he was treated, but he gave all his heart.
- It's impossible! - The devil laughed and disappeared.
And the Lord God called the animals of each species and He chose a DOG.
- From now on you'll be warmed the human warmth, calm look, love with all your heart, even when you will be hateed and mistreated.
- I agree - said good dog.
- Although you will have to bear all the humiliation, you will also his best friend. It's a very honorable role. Unfortunately, your heart will have to beat twice as fast and you will not live long. Never longer then 15 - 20 years.
- But tell me, if a man will not suffer when I go to Your Kingdom?
- Yes! But that's the point.
- But Why??? I don't understand the mission? - Startled the dog.
- Will suffer and will be inconsolable for days in pain. But you will  teach him to move away and passing, you will learn him to love and departing, You will leave a great love in his heart. You'll be the ANGEL, which has been called to carry joy and hope, but also taught the eternal, passing laws to make people believe that when their life is to live here. When you understand this, they will not cry, because They will know that  will meet You again.
And so the dog became an Angel who took the skin of an animal and came to earth to teach man of love, loyalty and friendship, but also the passing of time. Learn that there is always here and now, but also,  THEN and THERE ... "